If loop…

Shelly--->The wife
Brandon--->The husband,boss
Steve--->The boyfriend,employee
Mia--->The girlfriend

Shelly is the wife of Brandon, who is the manager of viva ( a private software firm).She is a housewife who is sweet but also very sensitive and unforgiving at the same time.Brandon has no time for his family as he is the manager and is under a lot of work pressure.

One fine morning, Shelly doesn’t wake up to prepare breakfast for Brandon who is already starving and gets furious about this as he has an important meeting to attend on that particular day.He is pissed and drives to office in  the same crappy mood and as soon as he sees Steve,his personal assistant, he starts yelling at him for no reason at all.Steve who is very a short tempered and a grouchy person is extremely annoyed by this.He in turn doesn’t attend any of Mia’s calls, his girlfriend.Mia has no idea about all this and thinks that her boyfriend has lost interest in her.She in turn sends him a break up message “Steve, its over.I am done with you!”.This annoys Steve even more and he storms into his boss’s office and quits the job.To  Brandon’s dismay,he now has to hire a new personal assistant to take care of all his pending work.He angrily goes back home and finds a letter written by Shelly…

Dear Brandon,

I am heart broken that you have no more time for us.Yesterday was our son’s birthday and you didn’t even wish him on his special day.I would have at least been happy  if you had taken time out of your so called busy schedule and called him,but you didn’t..I am taking the kids along with me to my parents place.Call me when you get time …

Love Shelly…

What does this story convey?


The value of family is what this story talks about.Family is what we have at the end of the day with us, they are the ones who support us when we are depressed, listen to us when we want someone to talk to, loves us unconditionally and are with us throughout our joy and sorrow.If Brandon had time for his family, Shelly would have been happy and loved Brandon even more.If Brandon would have been happy, he would have not yelled at Steve.If Steve would have been happy, he would have spent more time with his girlfriend who in turn would have loved him and made him happy.Always remember that your company will find a replacement for you but your family won’t.Lets not relive the ifs and woulds in our lives and start spending quality time with our family.

Zesty pasta, must try!

Hello guys…

I am writing this article for all the food lovers out there who loves to experiment with new style of cooking.I will be sharing my 
favorite pasta recipe with you guys today.Please try this out and share your feedback if you enjoy this tangy dish.


  • Step 1:Boil the required quantity of pasta by adding a small amount of salt and oil (the oil is used so that it will not allow the pasta to stick to each other)
  • Step 2:Pick the vegetables of your choice (I usually add carrots,potatoes ,capsicum,boiled green peas,boiled sweet corn and mushrooms) and cut them into thin slices.
  • Step 3:Cut tomatoes,onion and grind them into a fine paste(this is what we use for the sauce)
  • Step 4:Now take a cooking vessel,add 2 tablespoon of oil,salt (as required) and all the finely chopped vegetables.
  • Step 5: Stir fir them for 10 minutes and add the paste of tomatoes and onion.
  • Step 6:Now for the spices, we just need 1 tablespoon of coriander powder,2 tablespoon of chilly powder,1 tablespoon of chilly sauce and 1 tablespoon of soy sauce.
  • Step 7:Now mix them all together and close the vessel until the sauce is thoroughly cooked (preferably 10 mins) and add few finely chopped pieces of garlic for the flavor at this stage.
  • Step 8:Now add the boiled pasta and mix them up together.
  • Step 9:Finally add the Italian seasoning,a small amount amount of grated cheese,french onion and powdered pepper.
  • Step 10:Serve hot.